Yes, It is Me, Again.

Yes, it is I once again.

I know, I created a new blog yet again. And this is like, the nth time. Ever since I stumbled upon the famous bloggers like Camille Co, Kryz Uy, and Laureen Uy in the internet world, my desire to blog sprouted out and grew. And since then, I’ve been creating blogs to fit what I want to share.

Truth be told, it was hard. When you want to be a blogger, you should know how to keep your readers entertained. That’s where my crisis began. I didn’t come from a rich family nor I’m a successful person just yet like these aforementioned bloggers. I’m still just a student; young, dumb, and broke.

I couldn’t afford to buy highly expensive clothing brands to slay some fashion trends, nor I could travel since airplane fares are just waaay beyond the family’s budget. I wasn’t even a beauty aficionado to be discovered and sponsored by famous brands—local and international. I was literally an average person. Basically a nobody. And I just had no idea how to keep my future readers entertained.

But still, my high school and younger college self took the risk. I created so many blogs. I remember that I wanted my blog title to be an attention catcher and slightly deep to satisfy my writer side.

The very first one I created was entitled “Mikuru Takashima’s Stories.” In case you didn’t know, Mikuru Takashima is my pseudonym on Wattpad. It was obviously for just my stories but then I realized I had to share more than just one category. So, the next one I had previously created was entitled “Kath’s Chronicles.” Yes, it sounded like a story book. I wanted a synonym for diary so I settled with the word chronicles. It was now about me, any happenings in my life, basically a diary. Another one had an address link that goes like, obviously inspired by Ate Camille. Embarrassing, I know. I wanted to smack my younger self for doing so.

I created so many blogs that I couldn’t even remember the blog titles. And the last one had a title “Infinite Somethings.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t published publicly as I just had no idea how to start my first post. And I was pretty much struggling how to describe myself in the about page.

After one or two years (I’m not really keeping count) of contemplating on whether I should continue to blog or stop, I came to a decision to continue it. I love writing my thoughts and expressing myself and I want to share this to the world. So, I left the Blogspot domain to settle here in WordPress.

I didn’t go with such fancy titles anymore. I settled with a self-titled blog as this is everything about me.

And so, as a new beginning, I shall end this with:

Hello, my name is Kathleen Monique. Join me and get to know me as I plunge myself into new adventures, discoveries, and experiences in life.


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