Internship Experience

(I apologize for having lazy bums and for no photos in this blog post as I wasn’t allowed to take any during my internship.)

It is common knowledge that when you stepped in college, you are required to take a training internship to gain at least a small experience when it comes to work. And that was what I had to undergo during summer.

Well, I had to admit, it made me anxious. Because first and foremost, as an irregular student, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to be able to take that internship or not since I still have one subject left behind to take. Knowing that there was a possibility that I wouldn’t be able to take the internship just couldn’t let me sleep at night. And second, it was the start of my extended year as a college student. So, if I weren’t able to take that internship, I can’t graduate and it haunts me every night.

Life just sucks, I know.

After contemplating my life whether I was going to be able to take my internship or not (and a little enduring of the sudden betrayals from my classmate–I seriously want to cuss), thank heavens, we were allowed to take the internship while complying with our subjects left behind by retaking them.

Originally, I was planning to train alone at Camalig Bank here in Albay. Then, a little detour happened and a classmate asked if she could accompany me during the internship. I said yes, of course and I told her that I was going to train in a bank. She was opposed to the idea.

She didn’t want to train in a bank for whatever reason I didn’t even bother to ask. It must be her schedule since she also had to recover some of the subjects she missed. She suggested we should work at Pacific Mall Corporation because her sister works there and the place isn’t as strict as what you might have expected in a bank.

I gave it a thought for a while. I really didn’t had any problems with my schedule as my class starts right after my duty finishes. If I went with Camalig Bank, I couldn’t leave at 4:30 pm to have a little time allowance before my class starts. But if I went with Pacific Mall Corporation, I could easily leave the office at 4:30 pm but, the problem would be commuting. After all, Camalig Bank is much closer to the university than the Pacific Mall.

Then again, I went with her idea thanks to my natural talent in overthinking. However, just as when we were about to finish completing the documents required, a glitch came and poof, I wasn’t going to train in Pacific Mall Corporation after all. She told me that we were only going to do some paperwork and not create a database or system (which is a requirement for our internship).

It was reasonable and I was fine by it. Then she told me she was going to train with her friend at the College of Medicine Department since it was her only backup. I said okay and went separate ways. I totally believed that excuse only to find out that she and her friend were going to train at the same company! And heck they were even going to create a system! Well Mother Earth, chocolate-effin’-fudge, I was downright betrayed.

Deciding to cut them off, I went back to my original plan. Now looking back at it, I should’ve declined her in the first place. I already had a headstart at Camalig Bank before she could even ask me. Why on Saturn’s glorious rings did I play nice anyway?

Anyway, enough storytelling. I’m now going to narrate my internship experience in Camalig Bank.

My internship actually started later than the proposed schedule. Originally, I was supposed to start in May 23. But stuff happened so it was moved. During the last day of May, I finally started my internship. Sir Francis, being the assigned employee of the student training, attended to my internship needs and eventually, introduced me to my training adviser, Sir Rolando Betura–also known as Sir Doy–accompanied by Ma’am Nicole.

Both of them reviewed my programming projects. They seemed satisfied with my programming outputs in which, I admit, I had a lot of help from the internet and also from my prodigy classmates (hinding-hindi ‘yan mawawala lol). After the small introductions with small interrogations, they lead me to the IT Department where I was going to spend my OJT month. I was introduced to Ma’am Celeste–also known as Ma’am Nonette (apparently, they call each other with their nicknames; even Sir Francis was called ‘Fifi’ which I find cute), the head of the IT Department. She is also the sister of the CEO of Camalig Bank.

During the first week, I was told to study everything about From its structure to its programming codes and plugins, everything just seemed new. And if I have any problems with the project, I was also told to never hesitate asking questions and help because apparently, Sir Doy had told me that he had a terrible experience with a student there in the past that he/she burdened him/herself with the problem that he/she didn’t finish the task given.

I also met some IT students from other schools who were taking their internship as well. And I also found out that I was the only Computer Science student there.

Did I mention how cold it is in the IT Department? It’s so cold, you could actually mistake it for a movie theatre! You always have to bring a jacket with you or else, you’ll definitely freeze.

It was quite convenient that didn’t require that much coding cause I still suck. Truth be told, during this internship, I realized that I still have to study more about Computer Science.

Anyway, I was just spending the whole month and two weeks of my internship developing the HR Database. I admit, I definitely lacked focus but I still managed to finish my daily tasks given. It also made me realize that working individually is much faster than working in groups cause, let’s be honest, group works usually becomes group-daldalaan-at-kainan-na-lang-at-wala-nang-ginagawa.

There were also times where I was undertime so I decided to spend some overtime at the office during my fourth week up until my last day. So, instead of going with the usual eight-o’clock in the morning to five-o’clock in the afternoon, I always go home around seven-thirty in the evening. It wasn’t a hassle anyway since the office was just a walking distance from my home and also, it was just near my mom’s office as well! Talk about convenient choosing.

I can’t avoid these but I had encountered problems as well. No, not problems with the communication with the regular employees, not problems with my training adviser either but problems with myself. This OJT experience made me realize how difficult adulting is and how much I wasn’t ready for it. Even Sir Tums told me students in our generation should take a break after graduating.

Well, considering the situation in the Philippines, that dream break is impossible.

Anyway, during my last week, I never really encountered any database problems except for my last day! I don’t know exactly what happened but everything just crashed and I had to start all over from scratch! Good thing I managed to backup 75-80% of the HR Database. And my last day ended up well!

I must say, this internship experience is one hell of a roller coaster ride! It’s fun, tiring, degrading, but most of all, I learned a lot. It’s indeed not easy to survive that 240 hours of internship if you don’t have patience and motivation but for the sake of the diploma, I managed to survive.


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