A writer and artist made with computer codes, that’s what Kathleen is.

Kathleen or Kathie, or simply Kath is a 20-year-old Computer Science student that is quite passionate about arts and writing. She resides in the beautiful Albay, Philippines where the majestic Mayon Volcano stands and she studies at Bicol University and is aiming to complete her degree with full determination.

Looks can be deceiving. Kath may look like a sweet and timid person when she is none of the characteristics mentioned. Kath is a fighter boosted with extra sarcasm and a spoonful of laziness. But behind those attitudes lies a selfless and family-oriented girl who deeply cares for her family and friends. She is quite talkative as well, since she never really shuts her mouth.

Kath started writing stories when she was 12 years old and she first posted her stories on her very first online publication platform, Wattpad. Since then, her passion for writing grew and she is known for her fan-fiction “Gangsters and A Nerd.” The genres she’s most comfortable writing are fantasy, romance, mystery, and angst. (PS. She’s also horror-obsessed.)

And she is also art-inclined. She has been sketching and designing clothes for as long as she can remember. She likes to compile her drawings in her little portfolio. It was supposed to be a complete collection of her drawings from her little self up until her present self however, her old drawings were thrown away when she moved. It was a waste, she says.

Kath also has a thing for fashion, skincare products, makeup, and photography. She also envisions herself travelling around the world in a foreseeable future. These aforementioned things will be shared on this very blog.